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Todd Cochran joins Bob Watt in his solo album debut exploring traditional themes and the works of J.S. Bach, Dave Brubeck, Todd Cochran, Maurice Ravel and more.

Todd Cochran: Missing Miles (abridged)Bob Watt, Horn, Todd Cochran, Piano

A wondrous musical space is created that Watt inhabits spiritually with striking power and finesse.

I found myself imperceptibly drawn into this realm by the deep, sometimes dark, luster of his music.

Paul Robeson Jr. - MSR Classics



The story of the first African American French Hornist hired by a major symphony in the United States. Today, few African Americans hold chairs in major American symphony orchestras, and Watt is the first in many years to write about this uniquely exhilarating—and at times painful—experience. 


The Black Horn chronicles the upbringing of a young boy fascinated by the sound of the French horn. Watt walks readers through the many obstacles of the racial climate in the United States, both on and off stage, and his efforts to learn and eventually master an instrument little considered in the African American community. Even the author’s own father, who played trumpet, sought to dissuade the young classical musician in the making.

Watt evokes the emotions behind what it's like for him to be a successful African-American classical musician.

International Musician


...a visit with foul-mouthed Miles Davis are among the anecdotes that keep the reader hooked.

Fanfare Magazine

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